Unlock and Configure your Smartphone

Manage Files, Remove Activation Lock, Create Backups and more


Wipe your Device

Remove all Data from your iOS or Android Device with Military Grade Data Erase Techniques that doesn't leave any traces


Remove Activation Lock

Permanently and Safely Remove the iCloud Activation Lock Screen without Apple ID or Password on all Models and iOS revisions


Backup and Restore

Changed your mind about something? Fully restore your device to its prior state using our efficient 1:1 Clone Backup and Restore Tool

Loved by DIY'ers and Professionals

3Unlocker gives DIY'ers, Amateurs as well as professionals a chance to truly modify the device they own and love. With our Software you can make changes to your device that usually only manufacturers can

Freeware means Free-Ware

Our Software is provided free of charge and only supported by Ads. No one will or should ever charge you for 3Unlocker. Please note that 3Unlocker should only be downloaded from our Official Website as 3rd party download providers add malicious extensions to our software.

Breathe new Life into your device

Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID or Password

Skip Activation Lock

3Unlocker can remove all iCloud Data from any iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch

Update Proof

It’s Impossible for iOS to detect our Activation Lock Removal. You can update to any iOS without issues

Works with all Apple Services

iCloud, App Store, iTunes etc will function as with any other iOS device

Permanent Unlock

You can connect your own Apple ID and never worry about iCloud Lock again

No Apple ID or Password

You won’t need any Apple ID or Password to remove the Activation Lock from your device

Clean or Blacklisted

Works with Clean as well as Blacklisted devices. No matter which country or carrier

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