Download The Latest Version of 3Unlocker

To Download your copy of the Latest 3Unlocker Release simply follow the steps in this video to start your download for PC or Mac

This Software is being provided Free-of-charge and is classified as Freeware. No one should ever charge you for access to 3Unlocker. Only on this official website you will be able to get the full version of 3Unlocker. 

Minimum System Requirements


Version: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Dual Core with Hyper-Threading
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Disk Space: 1,2GB
Network: Broadband Internet connection


macOS®️ Yosemite or newer
Processor Intel®️ Core™️ 2 Duo or better
Memory 4 GB RAM
Hard disk 2 GB free space, SSD for best performance
Network: Broadband Internet connection

How to Unlock iCloud Lock

Here’s a short written Tutorial on how to use 3Unlocker’s iCloud Lock Removal Tool

  1. After downloading the software, use the ‘Erase iCloud Lock’ setting and then use a USB cable to connect your device to a computer. Remember, if you have an Apple Watch, it should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer.
  2. Select the type of your device from the dropdown box and then click the continue button.
  3. Ensure that you have chosen the correct device from the ‘Target device’ dropdown. If so, click continue.
  4. You will upload a custom software to your device. The software will allow the 3Unlocker to access important databases in your device to change the Activation Lock configuration.
  5. You should keep your device plugged in and at the activation lock screen to see when it’s rebooting.
  6. After the device has rebooted, you will be greeted with a 3Unlocker activation lock wizard. To continue, click ‘begin set up’ on your device.
  7. Select ‘Delete iCloud Data and Wipe’ to continue. This process can take 1 – 2 minutes but after some time the device will restart automatically. After the device has rebooted successfully, you should arrive at the following screen.
  8. You have successfully factory reset your device, restoring it with a blank image of IOS. This means that the device does not have a password or iCloud details. To use your device, you can do a normal reset using your phone settings.
  9. Congratulations, you have a functional device again.